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Welcome To LeadToTheTop

At Leadtothetop, we focus our business on one thing only: Giving you, the prepaid legal associate, the best edge possible to rack in the most money in the Prepaid Legal business.

We do this by sending you the most receptive, thorough, responsive, truly real-time prepaid legal leads. These leads are inquiries from eager, ready-to-act prospects with pressing legal issues that need your help.

Our leads are waiting for your call. So much so that our leads have a documented 23-42% conversion rate into sales.

What will these leads cost? Less than you expect. Actually we offer you these high-converting leads at THE LOWEST PRICE ANYWHERE!!! Our leads are so good, we make money on the volume we sell. This means we can drop our price, torch our competitors, and pass the savings onto you.

We guarantee you’ll find our leads the most productive and inexpensive anywhere, better than any other lead source.

If you’ve used another lead provider in the past, forget about them. After you try one order of our leads, you will be stunned at their high conversion rates and rock-bottom price.

If you have never used a lead provider before, try ours and you will never need another source again. You will be making plenty of money in prepaid legal for a long time!!

The best price. The best leads. The best customer service. Our many satisfied customers have been thrilled with our leads. And we know after one order, so will you.
8 Ways Our Legal Leads Are Better!

Choose our high caliper income-producing legal leads and you get only the best:

• More information with our legal leads than any other lead provider, such as the prospect’s FULL address. Full contact information saves your precious time and makes your life much easier.

• Highest lead conversion rates. Our customers consistently report conversions into sales at an amazing 23-42%! Imagine the confidence and sense of accomplishment you’ll feel contacting people who want to talk to you, and want to buy.

• Instant, truly real-time, cash flow-building legal leads. With other lead companies, a prospect anxiously seeking legal help can wait hours for the phone to ring after entering their information online. How many other companies can he or she contact in that time? 1, 2, 5, who knows! With our unmatched sophisticated database the lead is sent out to you almost at the same instant the prospect puts fingers to keyboard…almost like instant messaging. Bottom line: You can call him or her and close them immediately, before the prospect can speak with anyone else!

• In-depth and precise descriptions of each lead’s legal issues. When you call our leads, you’ll be better prepared for their specific legal problem. Makes you look knowledgeable, confident and professional.

• Blazing fast order fulfillment. We process your order fast and begin sending you premium-quality legal leads within 24 hours. Next we continue to send you a strong, steady stream of high caliper leads - at the pace YOU want them - until your order is complete....something no other lead provider is capable of doing. Remember: You will always have plenty of ready-to-buy prospects to call. No more days of agonizing waiting for your leads to be generated and sent to you.

• Providing you legal leads is the only thing we do: Unlike almost all other lead companies, we do not sell credit leads, mortgage leads, health coverage leads, and the dozens of other kinds irrelevant to you. Prepaid legal customers have special needs. We dedicate our business to you alone.

• Easy, flexible billing. Want to pay as you go, or be billed automatically? Fine with us. No billing fiascos as our customers tell us occur with some of the other companies.

• Live help. Our professional help staff is always available to answer your questions. Not so with many of our competitors.

And Introducing 1 Other Big Way Our Leads Are Better!

• Leadtothetop is the only service to provide you with inbound telephone information. Here’s how it works: A prospect submits all of his information. Then a pop-up box comes up with your phone number. Your prospect can actually call YOU! What could be easier than a sale where the prospect calls you and ASKS you to sell them?
Why You Should Order Now

Because at this moment, your competition has an edge on you. They’re buying top-quality legal leads from us. They receive a torrent of top-notch legal leads into their inbox -- with full contact information, high conversion rates and inbound telephone capability. They can sell easier than you can and faster with our premium leads. Why give them an edge? Join them! Our premium leads are competitively priced and have more and better features than any of our competitors.

Yes, I want to order my premium leads package now, and get this very special offer of $5.50 FOR UNLICENSED LEADS available TODAY ONLY!